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Lip Augmentation


The aim is to fill up the upper or lower lip with the filling material, or to correct the lip asymmetry according to the client's wish



Approximately 20 minutes



Anesthesia is administered in a form of an anesthetic gel prior to application of the filling material



This is an outpatient procedure


Possible Side Effects:

Swelling lasting for no more than 48 hours, slight reddening or temporary insensitivity of lips.



Allergic skin reaction, temporarily increased sensitivity of the place of application, infection, haematomas, asymmetry 



After the procedure patients can expect some swelling and/or reddening that lasts two to four days. Application of ice packs is recommended after the surgery. Excessive sun bathing and exposure to extreme cold should be avoided within the recovery process



The effect of this procedure could be life-long depending on the filling material.